A bundle of your choice of our chocolatia slab bars. 




White Chocolate Bar


An indulgent white bar made with the finest Valrhona  Ivoire chocolate which reveals aromas of warm milk enhanced by delicate vanilla notes which is topped with crispy pearls and vibrant dried raspberries that are bursting with flavour. Perfect for a sweet treat or a little pick me up after a long hard day!


Milk Crunch Bar


This smooth and milky chocolate bar is topped with delicious crispy pearls. Melt in the mouth goodness made with an exclusive Valrhona blend - Jivara 40% with pronounced cocoa blended in perfect harmony with a vanilla and malt finish.


Nuts about fruit bar


For all our dark chocolate lovers, this bittersweet and elegant 70% bar is topped with roasted hazelnuts and pistachios, sweet Scottish blueberries and tangy dried raspberries. Using Valrhona Guanaja this bar produces a pronounced bitter flavour, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm and fruity notes.

Milk chocolate orange

Dark chocolate orange