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Over the past few months we have been working closely with the team at Sacred Grounds in Arbroath to pair three incredible chocolates with three equally delicious coffee varieties. We wanted to create an incredibly luxurious tasting experience where coffee and chocolate enthusiasts can enjoy the diverse flavours of each different bar.  We believe our values align nicely with Sacred Grounds and we both share the same passion for sourcing the very best and ethical ingredients for our businesses. Kathryn and Jamie at Sacred Grounds work extremely hard to get to know the farms and coffee beans they purchase. Their attention to detail and quality is admirable and we are incredibly proud to be working alongside them.


In this bundle you'll find three single origin dark chocolates that have been selected to pair with the flavour notes of three outstanding coffees, the details of each bar can be found in the FLAVOUR section.




72% Venezuelan chocolate "Araguani" paired with Costa Rican coffee "Elieth Valverde" 

We paired these chocolates together for their woody and warming flavour profiles. The chocolate holds notes of warming sweet spices and the coffee has deep cocoa and nectarine notes. The pair make a well rounded and balanced dark chocolate bar, one that we agree is a total comfort bar!

The Elieth Valverde coffee farm is a farm to celebrate as it's part of an all female non profit organisation that supports 120 smallholder women farmers in Costa Rica. This is exactly the type of female led  entrepreneurshipthat we love to support!

64% Madagascan chocolate "Manjari" paired with El Salvador coffee "Los Angeles"

Manjari 64% dark chocolate is the product of a long-running partnership between the chocolate producer, Valrhona, and the Millot plantation in northern Madagascar. Valrhona is committed to improving the living conditions of plantation employees and their families. The construction of a village with 45 homes and a health centre offers the families more living space, and a nurse is permanently on site. Respect for the environment is a priority: water is carefully preserved and the soil is nourished with natural fertilizers.

This dark chocolate bar plays with the acidic and fruity flavours in both the coffee beans and the chocolate. The chocolate has an acidic, sharp bouquet which marries perfectly with the cherry notes in the coffee. 

55% Double fermented Brazilian chocolate "Itakuja" paired with the naturally processed Ethiopian coffee "Duwancho"

In my opinion, this is our most dynamic and playful pairing trio. Itakuja was one of the first chocolates to emerge from Valrhona’s innovative double fermentation technique. Once the traditional cocoa fermentation process is complete, a second fermentation is triggered by adding a locally harvested fresh fruit purée. For Itakuja, passionfruit is used. This procedure demands meticulous skill to obtain exactly the right balance between the flavours already present in the cocoa after the first fermentation and those provided by the fresh fruit.

The passionfruit flavour coming through the chocolate makes it taste delicately light and fruity, this works incredibly well with the Ethiopian coffee with it's floral and peachy notes. These flavours come through from the natural processing the coffee goes through, where the coffee is dried with the fruit still on it to develop the natural flavours.

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