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Introducing our new epic Praline Trifecta! With our latest Pistachio bar being such a hit, I've decided to stick it together with two of our other praline favourites to make the ultimate trio!


Caramelised Coconut - This roasted coconut bar is never around for long! For this bar we mix roasted coconut praline with caramelised white chocolate and Isle of Skye sea salt to make a crunchy and delicous praline bar. This is a real crowd pleaser, and actually featured as a wedding favour for one of my very close friends! If you haven't tried it yet - here's your chance.


Hazelnut Praline - My oh my, what to say about my one true love, the Hazelnut Praline bar. In this bar we've got a silky smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut praline with roasted whole hazenuts to add a bit of crunch! This one's my personal favourite and a regular snack for me in the kitchen (Don't tell!).


Dubai Pistachio Bar - I launched this bar a few weeks ago after seeing the internet trend of re creating this bar, inspired by a traditional arabian dessert. We make the bar with roasted iranian pistachios, toasted katifi pastry, Scottish butter and Isle of Skye sea salt. It is buttery, nutty, crunchy and delicious! 


As always, we make all of our own nut pastes in the kitchen, roasting and grinding the nuts in small batches to make delightfully fresh pralines. We mix them with BCORP certified Valrhona chocolate, always.


These three bars come together as a beautifully nutty trio and I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring me!


VAT Included
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