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Luxury hot chocolate bombs, bursting with fluffy marshmallows, are made with the finest Valrhona chocolates to create the perfect cup of velvety indulgence. A chocolate experience that you can enjoy with friends and family!


VAT Included

The bombs are made with a blend of 70% Valrhona chocolate and 55% Equatoriale to give a deep chocolatey flavour. The marhsmallows in the middle melt to create the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Making these at home is a fun chocolatey experience that everyone can get involved in! 



1.  Gently heat 300ml of milk in saucepan untill warm. 

2.  Place chocolate sphere inside your favourite mug. 

3.  Pour over the warm milk and keep pouring as it starts to melt. 

4.  Give it a good stir until the chocolate has fully melted. 

5. Sprinkle on some extra marshmalllow magic - you can never have too many! 


The perfect choice for a cosy night!


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