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Wowee!! We were so delighted to find out that not one, not two but THREE of our products have won a Great Taste 3-star 2023 Award. This is a huge accolade for us. Personally, I am over the moon. We entered seven products in the hope that one or two of them would recieve an award, maybe one star, hopefully two. I'm sure you can imagine my surprise and excitement to see that EVERY.SINGLE.PRODUCT won an award!!! This is crazy, and we're so proud that we've put all our three star flavours in a 9-piece box for you to purchase. 

Now we're still waiting on our Great Taste stickers but we do have boxes ready to order now if you'd like a taste of our award winning products.

Celebrate with us on this milestone achievement!




VAT Included



The appearance of these chocolates is absolutely gorgeous, and they have a great shine. The pecan wafer base adds an incredible crunch and it mixes perfectly with the light, well-balanced caramel. The high quality of the ingredients is apparent. The judges can tell that the producer has worked very hard on these!

Absolutely delicious! Beautifully balanced, not too sweet, not too bitter. Very attractive presentation. A lot of care has gone into the making of these characterful chocolates.

These are beautiful, and the taste absolutely complements the look. What a treat. Every aspect of these seductive chocolates comes with an excellent provenance, but that doesn't in itself guarantee a Great Taste. Skill, of the highest order, and first class ingredients come together here in a blissful chocolate, with the perfect salted caramel, delicate vanilla and crisp, delicious wafer.  A well produced chocolate.

Beautifully presented and decorated. A wonderful sheen on a crisp and thin chocolate case. When you cut through it reveals perfect layers - which have been filled to the brim. The crispy base is in total harmony with the soft butter-rich caramel. Bittersweet perfection! Texturally it is fabulous - soft, rich, nutty and quite outstanding. Not overly sweet - the dark chocolate allows you to indulge in the rich and buttery caramel. Wonderful stuff!



These are stunning looking chocolates and we were impressed with the attention to detail on the finishg and design . We loved the various textures which added an interesting crunch and luxurious smoothness. The chocolates had been perfectly filled and the shell was even and had a perfect crack when bitten into. The flavours were carefully balanced with the coffee adding bitterness, the hazelnut richness and nuttiness, the white chocolate a sweetness and the shell a lasting fruity, bright rich flavour. This delivers on all levels.

A stunning looking ,decadent chocolate, truly beautiful. A thin casing releases the different layers that give both crunch and soft unctuous mouthfeel - the flavour is a well judged classic sweet flavour combination - hazelnuts married with quality chocolate - this is a classic done very well.

Beautifully decorated chocolates with a good sheen and with a most inviting weight to them. The layers are very well defined, very neat and look fantastic when cut open. Every single flavour is clear - the coffee, the hazelnut with the white chocolate, all spot on. Just the right level of bitterness to balance the sweetness, these are very clever. Smooth but with a moreish crunch from the base. We could eat a lot of these. Spot on, well done.

These are very attractive to look at - a beautiful and original pattern on top. The layering is excellent. The casing is thin and even with a great shine. A lovely snap to it. Well filled to the edges, no gaps. Everything about the flavour of these chocolates is well balanced. The perfect amount of coffee, just the right amount of sweetness and the crunchy hazelnut base is simply divine. Not cloying - just one big harmonious mouthful!



A work of art! Beautifully presented chocolate bar with a wonderful glossy appearance. Thin shell gives a great snap, releasing a flood of delicious decadent caramel - rich with all the classic characteristics of well made caramel and the salt is balanced to give a further dimension.  The mix of chocolates appears to work in great balance.

What a stunning handmade artisanal appearance,. the painted bar is an artwork. There is a pleasing snap and the beautifully salted caramel drifts in to argue with the sweetness, but then settles perfectly. The quality of the chocolate, butter and sea salt really shines.

These are absolutely beautiful - the painting really speaks of the sea and the salted caramel positively sings. The chocolate mix of dark and milk is clever and works so well. It is all melt-in the-mouth delicious. The only nit-picking criticism we have is that the casing could be a tiny bit thinner, but they really are gorgeous.

A most beautifully decorated 'bar' and the delight certainly doesn't stop there! The chocolate is fruity and flavourful, and forges a great contrast to the deep, dark, caramel within. The salt carries pleasing minerality and is aptly measured. We might have liked to note more of the vanilla, but everything melds delightfully. A really well considered balance of all the elements works some magic here!

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