Sick of homeschooling? Kids going crazy? Going a bit crazy yourself?!  Give the kids an incentive to help them with the changes and challenges of online learning. Help them feel rewarded for getting through these crazy weeks because let's face it- it's been a nightmare for everyone! With some of the wee ones heading back to school, this treat box can be a reward at the end of a challenging week.  Each box includes:1x Milk Choc Hot Chocolate Bomb & Extra Mallows1x Box of Chocolate Popping Candy Lego1x Bag of Gummy Sweeties1x Bag of Chocolate Stars with Fudge and Smarties1x Personalised Certificate1x Sticker Assortment 



Each box includes:

1x Milk Choc Hot Chocolate Bomb & Extra Mallows

1x Box of Chocolate Lego

1x Bag of Gummy Sweeties

1x Bag of Chocolate Stars

1x Personalised Certificate

1x Sticker Assortment 


Chocolates are made with Callebaut Chocolate