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Our seasonal and classic filled bars in a trio, for when you want a wee bit more than just one bite!



VAT Included


Coffee Double Caramel Bar

Sea Salt caramel with a dark chocolate, coffee and caramelised cocoa nib layer all encased in a caramelised white chocolate shell.

Caramel Biscuit Bar

vanilla studded Isle of Skye Sea Salt caramel is layered up with a brown butter biscuit base.

Caramelised Coconut Bar *AWARD WINNING*

A roasted crunchy bar made with toasted coconut and caramelised white chocolate. The salty sweet blend was awarded a SILVER in the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2022.

Salted Caramel

Our Isle of Skye sea salt caramel is made with fresh vanilla from Bali and Scottish butter, we take the caramel right to the edge to give depth of flavour, finish it off with the butter and we are left with caramelly, buttery salted gold!

Hazelnut Praline

We grind and roast all of our own nuts at Chocolatia which allows us to control the intensity and end flavour of our pralines. Our hazelnut praline bar is filled with a hazelnut gianduja and topped with roasted hazelnuts all encased in a dark milk chocolate shell.

Salted Peanut Caramel

Our twist on a snickers! The Peanut caramel bar features a layer of our sea salt caramel, some roasted peanuts and a caramelised white chocolate and roasted peanut praline all topped off with caramelised white chocolate.

Pecan Pie 

Sea salt caramel layered on top of a roasted pecan praline

Mint bubbles

A melt in the mouth white chocolate minty layer topped with bubbly milk chocolate infused with peppermint oil

Chocolate Mallow

A rich chocolate marshmallow with a layer of salted caramel topped off with a crunchy brown butter biscuit.

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