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Introducing the perfect gift for any budding chocolatiers! The beginners bundle contains everything you need to make chocolates at home. This gift is perfect if paired with one of our chocolate making classes where you can learn all the skills and techniques needed to make your own chocolates.

Each kit contains high quality equipment that is built for longevity if taken care of properly. There are also add-ons if you wish to add fresh chocolate or a Chocolatia apron to your bundle.

Inside the kit you'll find: 

- A chocolate mould for making bonbons

- A chocolate scraper

- A temperature probe

- A bowl for melting chocolate

- A spatula

- A pack of 5 cocoa butter colours for painting your chocolates

                                  OPTIONAL ADD ONS

- A Chocolatia olive green apron

- A 1KG Bag of single origin chocolate




VAT Included
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